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We are passionate
about education.

We have extensive expertise in education and use efficacy and research to deliver better outcomes for all learners. We are constantly looking for new ways of helping pupils to engage with the learning process!
We are passionate about using our educational expertise to provide affordable learning solutions for teachers and schools. We have developed learning and assessment resources that optimise the use of technology in order to benefit schools and to ensure fair access to all pupils. By using technology, we strive to create engaging content that seamlessly fits into the classroom and the home. We have developed learning resources that supports, rather than replaces, teaching.
Our mission is to ensure learning is an engaging educational adventure that pupils will want to enjoy time and again.


Fully aligned to the primary curriculum and designed to meet the needs of all learners.

Build Challenge

A broad balance of questions provide suitable challenge whilst building pupil self-esteem and confidence.

Fully Approved

Developed by experienced assessment experts and fully approved by primary curriculum advisors.
Monster Learning helps to bring technology and pedagogy closer together.  We have developed a curriculum-aligned teaching and learning platform with interactive resources, analytics and assessment data – easy to use and all in one place.
Our expertise ensures that we produce meaningful and reliable assessments and resources. All of our learning resources are created in collaboration with assessment experts, curriculum advisors, teachers and pupils.
Teachers can benefit from our rigorous assessments with measurable outcomes to support pupils’ growth and development.

We are experts in learning & assessment.​