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When are Key Stage 2 SATs results released?


Results for Key Stage  2 SATs are available from 9 July 2024.

How and when to access results
Key Stage (KS) 2 test results will be published on the Primary Assessment Gateway on Tuesday 9 July 2024.
Each pupil will receive:
  • A raw score (the number of marks awarded)
  • A scaled score
  • Confirmation of whether or not they attained the national standard
Conversion tables will be published on GOV.UK on Tuesday 9 July, so schools can understand how pupils’ scaled scores are calculated from their raw scores.
How will results be released to parents?
The school will decide how they issue test results to pupils and parents, but parents should receive the teacher assessment judgements and test results by the end of the summer term.
The school will also provide an opportunity to parents to discuss their child’s overall performance at the end of KS2 before the summer holidays.
Schools will review test papers and submit marking review applications if they believe the marking scheme has not been applied correctly. In the rare cases where revisions to results are necessary, they are made once the review process is complete at the end of the summer holidays.
How the tests are marked
Scaled scores are used to report test outcomes. 
These help ensure consistency in reporting from 1 year to the next, as the difficulty of the test may alter slightly between years.
What is a scaled score?
Each pupil is given a scaled score as a number. This is based on their raw score – the number of marks they receive in a test.
Pupils may achieve a scaled score of:
– Below 100, meaning they have not met the ‘expected standard’
– 100, meaning they have reached the ‘expected standard’
– Above 100, meaning they have exceeded the ‘expected standard’
For pupils in year 6 taking the KS2 tests, scores range from 80 to 120. 
A pupil who reaches the expected standard (100 or above) is considered to be ready for the next
stage of their education.
How scaled scores are used
Scaled scores are based on raw scores, which are translated into a scaled score using a conversion table.
A scaled score of 100 always represents the ‘expected standard’. Pupils’ scores range between 80 and 120.
Pupils scoring too few marks on the test to attain a scaled score of 80 will not receive a scaled score. The outcome of the test for these pupils is ‘NS’: expected standard not achieved.
This is explained in the DfE’s guidance on understanding scaled scores at KS2.
Why use scaled scores?
Scaled scores help test results to be reported consistently from 1 year to the next.
For example, if 2 pupils achieve the same scaled scores in different tests in different years, they will have the same level of attainment.
What are the Key Stage 2 SATs results used for?
KS2 SATs aren’t just used to measure a pupil’s level of attainment and progress.
The secondary school that each pupil is moving to will also be able to access the results. This helps them plan how best to support new pupils on entry.
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